Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reversible fleece jacket,day in the park & dentist visit

Today was sunny day.We had to go to the dentist,so we decide to go to the park before that.It's actually a park and small zoo(there are few goats,chicken,bears,snakes,monkeys,ducks).Lea wasn't enjoying so much looking animals.All she wanted was slinding.So i spent an hour next to the slide,looking at her and saying "hurray",and she was saying "look at me,weeee".She was correcting other kids,like they aren't doing it ok if they don't say "weeee".
Ok,first of all i wanted to show this jacket i made for her earlier.She loves it and wears it almost every day.
It's reversible,cute and warm,but i didn't make a pattern.Too bad,because it fits her perfectly.
Second,i have headache from bad news.
This was Lea's first visit to dentist,she had so much fun pretending to be a doctor,and asked all the time"would you like a beer"?She was so funny.She even said to dentist"stay away,i'm working now".
Her teeth are beautifull and healthy.But mine...
It looks like they could fall out due to plaque.I have to remove it ASAP.So,i will visit dentist on Monday,again.I also have to visit a surgeon,because i have disslocation of jaw.What else needs to happen?
Ok,now let's see the jacket.

This was my first jacket with zipper(i took it off from some old jacket,so it's not in so good shape,but never mind).Considering that my machine doesn't work properly,it's just perfect.Perfect for playing in the park.

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  1. She looks adorable! Thanks for sharing at through my creative mind!

    Stop by tomorrow (Sat) for a special linky party


  2. Thank you so much.
    Sure,i'll be there :)


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