Thursday, April 18, 2013

Diaper bag

I have a lot of unfinished projects waiting for my inspiration.It was time to open that almost full box,and finish some things.
I made a diaper bag.
I used some heavy denim my mother in law bought me and kids curtain,so it means i got this bag for free.It's size is perfect for picnic also,or beach...
I love how it turned out,because i made few mistakes and thought bag couldn't be saved(see the front-it should be straight line).
I added a few pockets inside.I wanted one,but i liked it so much that i had to make another one for baby bottle,and one for my phone.
I made felt bag divider.It was so frustrating project (i've never used felt before),so i know i won't do it again,soon.

There is also wet bag i made.I didn't have a PUL,so i put vynil inside.

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  1. Lovely bag, tx for sharing!
    I always reuse old thing when I sew something new me too!

    1. Thanks for Your comment.
      I love recycling/uplcycling-the best way to use things we love and save some money :)

  2. Great upcycle! I can always use new bags, and you can't beat free!

  3. It's great to be able to make something that costs us nothing but our time. Well done on adding the felt divider... a great idea.


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