Tuesday, April 23, 2013

20 minutes baby tunic/dress tutorial

I think this is easiest tunic/dress you'll ever make.
You only need elastic and piece of fabric(40x60cm for 1 year size).

Cut fabric,then fold heightwise.Sew only open side.
You will need 3 piece of elastic.Place elastic like shown in the picture(measure about 2/3 of fabric)
Pin elastic to be sure that you will sew it straight.
Sew with zig zag stitch(stretch while sewing to gather fabric)

Now sew elastic on the upper and bottom part.

Your dress is done!

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  1. okay so I am stopping by . I have to say I am in love with this tutorial. I am a very very beginner at sewing and I cant wait to try this out. Btw do you have any tips for sewing?

    Following back on bloglovin.. :)

    Elisa @ I Must-ache you, Mama

    1. Hi.I am so happy seeing you here.
      I am begginer also,there are lot of things to learn(i still don't know how to sew button on my sewing machine :P)
      Contact me if you have any questions,i would like to help you,maybe even make some tutorial. ;)

  2. Love this tutorial! I pinned it so that I can give it a try it later. I just got a sewing machine for my birthday and now I want to sew everything even though I've never sewed a day in my life. I can't wait to try this pattern. Thanks!

    -Amy @ The Stitchin' Mommy

    1. It's very easy,i am sure it will be successful project :)

  3. This is so cute and looks simple to make! This would make a great gift. Thanks so much for sharing at Crafty Tuesday!


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