Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sewing doll accessories

Last few days I was thinking about all the stuff I can make for dolls.There are a lot of tutorials on doll clothing,diapers,bag etc.
I got some pretty fabric and I thought it would be perfect for doll diapers.
I made my own pattern and sewn few pieces.
 They are so tiny and cute!

Next thing I had on my mind is carseat.I was looking for plastic ones,like Baby Born,but there were only used,they looked ugly and I didn't like them at all.Oh,no problem,I'll make a fabric carseat!

A lot of mistakes,but it will be better next time.I had to work on this pattern a little bit harder.
Only straps are missing.I think there will be some straps to tie and make bows.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby doll carrier tutorial

My girl loves playing with her babies,so I made her a doll mei tai.

She really loved it.

Now I will try to show how did I do it.
1.Draw shape of carrier body.You will need 2 pieces to cut,if You have different fabrics,You can make reversible carrier.
2.Place 2 pieces of fabric,right sides together and cut shape.
3.Now cut carrier straps,mine are 15" long and 3" wide
4.First sew straps,about 1/2" from the edge.

5.Leave forth side open,there is no need to sew it,because it will be placed inside carrier.

6.Turn right side out.
7.Sew other 3 straps the same way.

8.Place straps inside the carrier,and pin.

Upper straps place few inches from the centre.

9.Start sewing at the center(up or down),sew all the way around leaving opening,about 2" long.
 10.Turn right side out.
11.Pin the opening and sew all the way around or hand sew with invisible seam.
You can use it this way,just tie ends at back.
 12.Cut 4 pieces of velcro,5" long.Place it like shown in the picture.
When You sew velcro on every strap,Your baby doll carrier will look like this:
Finished!It's easy,quick project and every little girl would love to have a baby doll carrier.If You place velcro,size will fit girl aged 2-5.If You tie ends,it will fit girl aged 2-3,for bigger girl just add more length.
I hope instructions were clear(I see tutorial making is not easy job,at all).

You can buy pattern at my shop for only 3.00$.

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Finished quilt blanket

I finished this quilt 2 days ago,but couldn't find USB for my phone.(oops)
It's not perfect,but for the first I think it's fine.

I added this green straps,so I can tie bows as decoration,or use it in car as seat protector.
Also,it can be used as regular pillow,or carseat pillow.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First baby quilt blanket

I was working on it for 4 hours today.I am happy about how it looks so far.

My baby helped me,a lot. ;) She loves sewing.(She burned her hand few days ago,but now she says it's ok and it doesn't hurt :( )

DIY knot baby hat

Few months ago I found lovely knot hat tutorial at Prudent baby
I made my own pattern,top is little bit different and zig zag stitch is little bit lower.
It was really easy to make(took only about 10 minutes,maybe even less)

Get  tutorial and pattern
I hope my girl will wear it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flower pincushion tutorial

This is my first tutorial,I hope it will be easy to follow.

Materials needed for this project:
-Needle and thread
-10"x10" fabric piece
-1 button(any size)

1.Draw and cut your flower pattern.I used a sippy cap part,but you can find many templates on web.Like THIS ONE

2.Cut 4 pieces of fabric if you want to make 2 flowers,and 2 for only 1 flower.

3.Place 2 pieces of fabric right side together and sew few milimetres from the edge.Don't forget to leave opening.
4.Turn right side out.I use crochet hook to make corners look nicer.

5.Stuff flower(you can use leftover fabric from this project).Don't put too much stuffing in the middle,so later sewing will be easier.

6.Hand sew opening with invisible seam

7.Repeat all steps to make second flower.

8.Place button and sew flowers together,gathering upper flower.

And,pincushion is finished.I like mine,a lot.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Harem pants and Hello Kitty travel pillow

My daughter loves Hello Kitty.So,I got an idea to make a travel pillow with bow to look like Hello Kitty.I made my own pattern and it turned out great.

These are my first baby harem pants.I also made a pattern,so I can make more.I really like them.They are so comfortable and sweet.

I have a lot of patterns I am working on these days.I hope I will be able to share them soon.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Crochet earrings and headband for tutu

I was so happy when earring hooks and baby flower headband arrived today.
My mom made amazing earrings,but I lost hooks somewhere,so I had to order new ones.I bought 50 pairs for less than 1,5$.
So,earrings are now finished.

Speaking of tutu,I found this tutorial last month,and I had to order baby headband and try to make a tutu for my girl.I hope I will find time soon.Headband is so lovely,but she only likes the flower.

Some really pretty scarfs

My mom made these,I really like them.There are few videos on youtube that are very easy to follow.Maybe I try someday.

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