Monday, February 24, 2014

Stroller canopy tutorial

Remember THIS post?I promised that I will show You how to recover stroller canopy.I couldn't do it earlier,but better late than never ;).
So,this was a custom order,so I am not using my stroller canopy.Anyway,it is easy and if You know how to sew straight line,You can do it,there is no need to purchase universal solid colors stroller canopy,when You can make Your own,in any print You can imagine.
Let's start...
This is what customer brought me:
It wasn't looking good.
She wanted something cheerful and red.So,we decided to use red cotton for the front and red printed cotton for the back part of the canopy.First,I measured how much fabric I need for the front.

If Your stroller canopy is even a little bit complicated,try to take as much photos as You can,so You can easier put it together when You're done sewing.
I don't have photos,because this canopy was really simple.
I removed the whole canopy from the stroller frame.
Then these metal rods...
I placed canopy on the piece of fabric I wanted to use
Then I cut piece for the smaller part of the canopy,and then for the bigger part,but I left 2cm on the bottom (for both parts),so I can sew them together.
I placed smaller piece in the center of the bigger fabric piece and sewn them together.
So this is what I had:
Then I placed canopy,pinned all the way around and cut shape.
Same thing for this front part:
I also had to make tubes for metal rods and put velcro on some parts.I made little window...And of course,I sewn bias tape all over the canopy.

 Let me know what do You think :)


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