Monday, February 3, 2014

Elephant pillow tutorial

Some of my customers asked me to make little elephant pillow for a baby girl.It was really easy,quick and it is exactly what she wanted.

Materials You will need:
Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the pillow,35cm long and 25cm wide.
Cut 4 pieces for the ears,I just draw ears by hand on the piece of paper.
You will also need legs (mine are 9cm wide and 12cm long).
I used lightweight cotton,so I cut 2 pieces of batting(they should be a little bit smaller than ears).
Now sew ears(leave that side with straight line open,because it will be inside the pillow).Place fabric pieces right sides together.
Turn right sides out.
Put batting inside.
Now sew legs(leave one shorter side open).Again,place fabric pieces right sides together and sew,then turn right sides out and fill with batting.
You will also need a trunk,2 strips of fabric,30cm long and 6cm wide and eyes,2 small circles,diameter 3cm,and 2 bigger circles,diameter 6cm.I used white and dark navy cotton.

Place right sides together,then turn right sides out and tie a knot.
Place trunk on the right side of the pillow and attach it with few straight stitches.

Now sew eyes,place smaller circle in the center of the bigger one,and sew with zig zag stitch all the way around.
When You finish eyes,find the best position and sew them with zig zag stitch.
Place fabric pieces for the pillow right sides together and pin ears and legs between like this:
Sew all the way around,leaving an opening,turn right sides out and stuff Your pillow.So easy!

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