Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Umbrella stroller recover (W.I.P.)

We don't use stroller often,because L loves to walk,but sometimes it's easier for me to put her in stroller and go for a walk(or shopping).
We found these stroller for only 7$.They looked pretty good,but fabric started ripping and they got dirty during use.

It was time for a change.
I wanted something to look like Minnie Mouse.This is my first stroller recover atempt,but i am sure it will be good.
With this fabric,you can't be wrong.
I tried to take as more pictures as i could,so i can put stroller together when i finish with sewing.

I tried to paint stroller with acrylic paint earlier,but that was total disaster.
I will post a full tutorial when i'm done with this project ;).


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