Sunday, May 12, 2013

Maternity shorts tutorial and pattern

This is my first free pattern.I was bussy lately,sewing things for others.One girl asked me to make maternity shorts,so i made a pattern and i want to share it with you.Size of this shorts is M/L.
First,let me show you some beautifull fabrics my hubby bought.
I used this polka dot fabric to RECOVER UMBRELLA STROLLER.
I used navy linen and beige linen for maternity shorts(knit matching fabric also).

Print pattern HERE.I am so sorry i couldn't do better than this,i dont't have scaner yet and i don't have any pattern making program :P.
I didn't make pattern for belly band,but it's very easy and you could do it by yourself.
So,you need to cut 2 pieces for front and 2 pieces for back(pattern piece with straight belly band part)
Place 2 front pieces right sides together and sew like this:

Then the other two parts:
Then place those 2 sewn pieces(front and back) right sides together
and sew on the sides and between legs.

Now make belly band,panel or however it's called.
and back.
Those pieces are folded.Unfold them and then sew on sides(right sides together).
Cut 1 piece of elastic,then sew or tie knot.Place it inside of the panel.

Turn shorts right side out and place panel around(or you can leave right sides inside and place folded panel inside,then sew around).
and now the leg hem.
 And you're done...

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  1. Well done drafting your own pattern for maternity shorts.


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