Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunny day

Yesterday was L's birthday,and we really enjoyed.She was so funny,she was dancing,singing,acting...

She got a new tricycle,we couldn't take her off when it was bedtime.
Cake was awfull(i had some problems,my mixer broke,so i couldn't make whipped cream).I bought instant whipped cream,and off course it melted very fast.Then i made some sugar  paste and covered a cake.It looked much better,but not good enough to be sattisfied,if you ask me.But guests liked it(and my baby),and said it was delicious.
All in all,we had really great time.
This morning,she woke up,and first thing she sad was "bike".She is acting so nice,that i couldn't believe what i was seeing.She was in the good mood for a whole day.She didn't want to sleep today,but that's ok with me,as far as she doesn't scream and cry for everything.Now she is acting like a big girl.
We took a walk today.It was warm and sunny day,perfect for running and jumping(and barbique).

See those cute white pants(please ignore the dirt)?I found them at ZARA for 1,5$.They were all white and i wanted to change something.So,i took acrylic paint and painted a flower and dots on pockets.
Now i like them even more.
And i found some great ballet flats for about 2,5$(hurray,finally something for me :P).


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