Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New baby pants

I haven't finished a lot of things I was planning for last week.We are renovating our (almost) 100 years old house,walls were peeling off,so we had to paint them again.The reason we are doing it now is because L's birthday is soon and I didn't want people to look at those ugly walls.Workers have been in our house for 2 days,so Lea and I went to my parents.We found some good stuff at second hand store,but we couldn't find a ballet flats for her birthday(I still have few days but...).
   Yesterday,we came back home.We brought spring and summer clothes from attic(we have all clothes and shoes until the age of 4),organized it,and cleaned all house.I was planning to sew for a few hours today,but when we got up and when i saw how beautifull day was,i decided to go for a walk.We spent a lovely time together,except our umbrella stroller broke,so we had to fix it every 10 minutes.When we got home,i really wanted to stay outside with L,and enjoy sunny day.
She was running all the time,and i took a few great photos(she is always in move,so sometimes it's a bit hard to get good photo).

Oh,i love this cute smile :)

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