Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flower pincushion tutorial

This is my first tutorial,I hope it will be easy to follow.

Materials needed for this project:
-Needle and thread
-10"x10" fabric piece
-1 button(any size)

1.Draw and cut your flower pattern.I used a sippy cap part,but you can find many templates on web.Like THIS ONE

2.Cut 4 pieces of fabric if you want to make 2 flowers,and 2 for only 1 flower.

3.Place 2 pieces of fabric right side together and sew few milimetres from the edge.Don't forget to leave opening.
4.Turn right side out.I use crochet hook to make corners look nicer.

5.Stuff flower(you can use leftover fabric from this project).Don't put too much stuffing in the middle,so later sewing will be easier.

6.Hand sew opening with invisible seam

7.Repeat all steps to make second flower.

8.Place button and sew flowers together,gathering upper flower.

And,pincushion is finished.I like mine,a lot.


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