Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

Hi everyone!Happy New Year!I know,it's been awhile since I posted something on my blog.There were so many things going on,changing lifestyle,losing weight,new college...My daughter was in the hospital 2 months ago and I was able to spend 5 days alone with her,we learned so much from each other and I had enough time to think about life and about things I would change if I could.Starting from today.Life is short and You should enjoy in it every single day.So this is going to be something like New Year resolution thing...
1.Spend 2 hours playing with my daughter every day
2.Make a sleeping schedule for her
3.Stay fit (I finally lost almost 25kg :))
4.Be nicer to my husband(I appreciate everything he does for me,but I am rough sometimes without any reason)
5.Be more organized (I finally found time for my blog,so that's good,right?)
6.Finish 2. year on new college
7.Get a driver's licence(I'm 24 so I think it's time for me to start driving)
8.Make at least one pattern for sale for a week
9.Fly with an airplane
10.Buy clothes washing machine
11.Buy blender
12.Sew a coat for myself
13.Sew a king size duvet and a cover
14.Do 30 days squat challenge,easy push up challenge,abs challenge and plank challenge
15.Run 4K run
16.Buy new serger
17.Go to cinema with my husband
18.Go out on dinner once a month
19.Work harder and earn more
20.Get pregnant(this one is the most important,but I should first see how the college is going so I could organize my life better) :)

I hope You had a beautiful year,and that this one is going to be even better.


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