Saturday, August 3, 2013

ALVA Baby large size cloth diaper review

We don't use diapers during the day any more(YAY!),only at night.I used disposables before and I wanted to use cloth until Lea is fully potty trained.She is 28 months,more than 15kg and 95cm,but she looks bigger than her friends at that age.
I haven't been using those fancy,expensive cloth diapers,because I couldn't afford them.That's why I bought this diaper.The manufacturer says it will fit babies from 12 months up to 3 years.I was a little bit sceptical,but decided to try it anyway.It fits her perfectly.

The material is nice and soft,the diaper was pretty cheap(7$ for diaper and 4-layer microfiber insert),but it doesn't look cheap at all.It has 4 rise setting,it's easy to change the size.It has cross over snaps and hip snaps,so You won't have "wing droop" problem.
This diaper is pretty long(55cm when You stretch it),so I think it's a great choice for tall toddlers.Only thing I didn't like are the wings(Lea is on the smallest waist setting).I think they are too long,and because of that diaper wouldn't fit 1 year old baby(waist would be too big).So I aded few snaps on the left wing,if I have another baby :P and that way I could use it longer.
I made a video,so You can see what does the diaper look like.I hope my voice is not too annoying.
You can choose different prints of Alva Baby large size diapers. 
You can buy Your diaper HERE.

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